Monday, September 15, 2014

"Many-Coloured Serpents" Launch

After plenty of delays, the launch of Many-Coloured Serpents is finally happening. I printed these in April; it is September. The quiet boxes in my basement have grown moss, tendrils.

A perfect occasion to shed these vegetate capes:

So: you could, if inclined, join me for an evening of leafhands, serpents, alchemy, and bands to celebrate. Dirges and driftsongs from local musical acts Brushsigns and Kris Ellestad.

The event is free. More details here.

Monday September 29, 8 PM at Local 510
510 17 Ave SW - Calgary, AB

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Many-Coloured Serpents

It has been a good long while since I've posted anything: slow movements circumvented motivation in that casual slide between inertia and blooming (sleep and blossom). Somehow between sloth and a river of libations I was able to force myself to send my new comic, Many-Coloured Serpents, to the printers. I will have them between palms shortly, and ideally, you will too.

In the mean-time, take a look at a sample:


Monday, October 28, 2013

Two palms

Progress on Eelsong was put on hiatus due to my wonderful trip to Ireland, France and Italy, where I ogled Boticellis, Giambolognas, and Peruginos until my eyes glowed, and roosted beneath the ogives and airy apses of the many temples covering Western Europe, virtually levitating in air thick with awe. I also found myself plucking away at some other small projects, indefinitely distracted, and procrastinating the execution of the front and back covers, knowing upon their completion I would have to enter the onus of colour correction, layout, those lulls and sleepy drifts.

Here are the paintings that will adorn these covers. These are done with pen and watercolour on illustration board. The front:

and the back:

Monday, March 25, 2013

Apex harpist

After lengthy detours down poorly lit serpentines, the writing, drawing, inking, and painting of Eelsong is complete. All that remains is the lettering, which I admit I am not look forward to; my handwriting is, if not abysmal, at least subterranean; it sits buried in a tumulus somewhere between legibility and calligraphy, unsure of both. The horizontal subverted.

Here are a selection of pages; I will post more when they are lettered.

Eelsong will be 24 pages, black and white, painted in watercolour. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Temple reprinted

"Temple" sold out in a little over a week, thank you everyone who bought a copy! I have printed a new batch, a limited, numbered run of 100. It is 8 pages, black and white, printed on 100# Cougar text stock, with a lovely cream card-stock cover, and costs $2 plus postage.

A robed traveler spots a curious sight in another man's ear; deeper and deeper, through strange inner cities, his eye arrives in a mysterious inner sanctum. Some reviews of "Temple":
-Justin Giampaoli of Thirteen Minutes
-Kevin Bramer of Optical Sloth. 
-Rob Clough of High-Low Comics

You can buy it through Paypal below! Calgary folks, you can grab a copy at:
-Shelf Life Books (100-1302 4th Street SW)
-Frosst Books (1018 9th Ave SE)

Edmonton folks:
-Happy Harbor Comics (10729 - 104 Ave)

Vancouver folks:
-The Comic Shop (3518 West 4th Ave)

Halifax folks:
-Strange Adventures (5262 Sackville St)

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